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Bryan Perry has spent over 30 years inside Wall Street as a financial adviser of high-yield investing. During the last decade, he brought his investing expertise to his advisory service, Cash Machine. Before that, he spent over 20 years as a financial adviser for major Wall Street firms, including Bear Stearns, Paine Webber, and Lehman Brothers. Bryan combines his insights into dividend-paying investments with in-depth fundamental research to pick stocks with high-dividend yields and potential capital appreciation.

  • National security extends far beyond military defense. It also means protecting children in their classrooms… watching over folks exercising their right to worship… and even safeguarding the average Joe and Jane jetting off on their dream vacation.
  • And let’s face facts… Our overworked law enforcement and security professionals can’t be everywhere at once to root out all the “bad guys” — especially in vulnerable crowd situations.
  • And even in the places they’re used, security devices we currently depend on to screen for weapons are typically outdated. This has prompted an urgent demand for threat detection solutions that have the ability to pick up both metal and non-metal weapons quickly, effectively, and unobtrusively.
  • Rarely do we get the chance to invest in the security of our nation – and our fellow citizens. But as you’ll read in this report, now you can play a positive role in giving ordinary people – like your family, friends, and neighbors – the potential for more safety, security, and peace of mind.
  • How? Well, one up-and-coming American company is refining an advanced MIT-developed technology that can rapidly screen for all types of weapons in crowd settings, both indoor and outdoor. Take the opportunity to become familiar with Liberty Defense (LDDFF) now — before it becomes a new titan in today’s high-stakes security detection industry.*

By Bryan Perry

It seems hard to imagine today…

But we used to be able to stroll into the airport just minutes before a flight. We could keep our jackets, belts, and shoes on as we walked through a basic metal detector. Even knives up to four inches long were allowed onboard by the FAA! And you could get to your gate without a boarding pass or even showing your ID.[7]

That changed forever after September 11, 2001.

The al-Qaeda-linked terrorists who hijacked four jetliners and killed nearly 3,000 people took advantage of lax airport security measures. They made it through metal detectors at the airport security checkpoints with deadly weapons in hand.[8]

Then, only several months later, a terrorist on a flight from Paris to Miami tried to detonate explosives packed in his shoes. Luckily, his sweaty feet made the fuse too damp to ignite. This potential disaster led airlines to require passengers to remove their shoes during screening at airport security checkpoints.[9]

Today, we’re resigned to standing in long, slow-moving lines at security checkpoints. Depending on our clearance level, we may need to remove our shoes and other clothing and take laptops and other devices out of carry-on bags. We then go through some form of scanning device, which sometimes results in a pat-down or other measures.

But despite these hassles, we should feel entirely safe, right? Well, perhaps not…

Outdated Security Equipment Increases Risk to Public

In 2019, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a watchdog arm of Congress, warned that some security devices used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are no longer up to the job.[10]

In fact, some equipment was found to be dangerously out-of-date, especially regarding explosive detection.[11]

The GAO report concluded that equipment has failed to keep up with changing requirements and ever-evolving security threats to traveler safety.[12]

A separate type of security-related issue came to light in 2016. Suicide bombers in Turkey were successfully turned away at an airport security checkpoint, but then opened fire with semiautomatic weapons before detonating explosive belts, killing themselves and 45 other people.[13] 

Incidents such as this have increased concerns about so-called “soft targets.” These are areas outside the hard security perimeter, where groups of people congregate at baggage claim, queue up at airline check-in counters, or line up to go through security checkpoints.[14]

That’s a major reason why the TSA supports a “layered security approach,” wherein a variety of security measures are in place at various locations in the airport, ensuring a higher probability of catching a threat even if one measure should fail.[15]

Inadequate security putting the public at risk is a scenario that extends far beyond the airline industry…

Consider all the other places where people gather – to get somewhere by train or subway… to do business in retail or government… to view sporting events… to participate in religious services… or even to merely enjoy a night out in venues such as casinos, theaters, hotels, and nightclubs.

And sadly, mass shootings are on the rise…

The year 2021 was particularly bad for gun violence. There were more mass shootings than days on the calendar.[16] What’s worse, mass shootings have increased by over 66% since 2019.[17]

When it comes to our children, there were 34 school shootings in the U.S. in 2021 alone.[18] This was the highest number since 1999, despite rolling lockdowns that closed in-person classes across various states and school districts.[19]

Of course, it’s not only a problem in the U.S. Globally, around 8,500 terror attacks killed over 20,000 people in 2019.[20]

The fact is, weapons like 3D-printed and ghost guns, plastic knives, plastic and liquid explosives, bombs of all shapes and varieties, and more – may move undetected by today’s technology.[21]

Unfortunately, the life-endangering threats we face are multiple – and growing. That’s why I’m doing a deep dive into an up-and-coming multi-technology security and threat detection company I’m eager to share with you today, called Liberty Defense (LDDFF).

But since I’m speaking to investors, let’s discuss the market first…

A Growing Market in Weapons Detection and Security

It’s a growing market all right…

The North American physical security market is expected to be worth $48.2 billion by 2026, up from $37.4 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 5.2% during that period.[22]

The global concealed weapon detection systems market is projected to grow at a 6% CAGR between 2020 and 2030.[23] Future Market Insights projects that millimeter wave body scanners will represent the most attractive opportunity, worth $760 million during this period of time.[24]

Liberty Defense’s (LDDFF) products, as you’ll see, use this exclusive millimeter wave technology, licensed from MIT and funded by the Department of Homeland Security.[25]

And by the way…

The company I’m reviewing today – Liberty Defense (LDDFF) – is considered a “key player” in Future Market Insights’ Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market Outlook 2022-2031.[26]

The bottom line is, the market for advanced security solutions continues to grow because, sad to say, security threats continue to increase.

And the technology to root out these threats hasn’t been able to keep up with the sophisticated weapons bad guys now employ to get around current screening measures – like those untraceable polymer ghost guns, which can be made at home using a kit or a 3D printer.[27]

In the Boston area, where Liberty Defense (LDDFF) is headquartered, police have noted a 300% increase in ghost guns since they started tracking them in 2019.[28]

Rising instances of terrorist activity globally, mass shootings, and other physical attacks are likely to continue increasing the demand for threat detection products, especially as the world returns to pre-COVID activity levels.[29]

But I do have some good news…

HEXWAVE™: Next-Generation Threat Detection to Help Keep Us Safer

Liberty Defense (LDDFF) was established to develop next-generation security screening technology. This technology provides walkthrough threat and weapons detection security solutions designed for sensitive, high foot-traffic areas.[30]

And in 2018, the company secured an exclusive license for ground-breaking millimeter wave technology from nearby Lincoln Labs at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).[31]

This license was for a new, wide-use security and detection application for the commercial market, one they named HEXWAVE.[32]

And to stress what I said earlier, the technology behind Liberty’s flagship HEXWAVE product already had the funding of the Department of Homeland Security.[33] This is one of the top dogs when it comes to policing and neutralizing security threats in America.

HEXWAVE combines millimeter wave sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect both metallic and non-metallic concealed threats.

And it does this without the need to remove articles of clothing, phones, wallets, or other benign objects.[34]

Plus, the locations in which HEXWAVE can be used are not limited to airports.

They can include such diverse places as sports venues, churches, schools, retail businesses, hospitals, courthouses, subways, theaters, and other public and private spaces.[35]

What’s more, these locations may be indoor or outdoor.[36]

(And don’t worry… HEXWAVE’s millimeter wave technology emits fewer radio waves than your cell phone, so it’s completely safe.)

The actual security machines look similar to what you might see today.  But what takes place inside the machines, using the foundational technology licensed from MIT, is quite remarkable.

Image Source [37]

In fact, the advancements since inception represent six years and nearly $30 million in research and development by expert-level engineers at Liberty Defense (LDDFF) and MIT.

HEXWAVE’s threat detection platform first emits a low-power signal to capture a reflected image of the body. It uses real-time 3D video rate imaging that can detect weapons through clothing and jackets.[38]

The 3D images are processed through the system’s automated threat detection system. This system leverages artificial intelligence (AI) trained on over 400,000 data points to determine whether there is an actual threat item in the images.[39]

The security operator receives an immediate alert visible on an operator screen. A green alert indicates that no threat was detected.  A red alert identifies the on-body location of the threat detected. The system can connect with existing security infrastructure and personnel to communicate an early warning before the threat can be carried out.

To preserve individual privacy and modesty, no personally identifiable information is gathered or used.[40] No images are stored or accessible by the security operator, who sees only HEXWAVE’s Go/No-go screen providing a clear and visible alert.[41]

The HEXWAVE technology enables scanning for guns of all types (including 3D non-metal printed guns), improvised explosive devices (IEDs) such as pipe bombs or plastic explosives, knives, or anything that shouldn’t be on a person’s body.[42]


Using what is called “deep learning,” its algorithms can be taught to recognize and ignore objects such as phones, wallets, and keys – items that may trigger a response from typical metal detectors.[44] This means fewer pat-downs and false alarms.[45]

A key difference between this and other systems – besides better threat detection – is that the HEXWAVE is a more hassle-free walkthrough system. So, instead of standing still and posing, you simply walk through with just a quick pivot.[46]

In addition, the HEXWAVE system can process up to 1,000 people per hour![47]

There’s nothing quite like this system with its many advantages in the world today. The chart below shows how it stacks up to its few competitors…


HEXWAVE systems are designed to operate either independently or together in a “portal” without interfering with each other. This means, in a big crowd scenario, you can set up four or five lanes’ worth of scanners.  And they’re all coordinated to work as a team.

The primary goal of the HEXWAVE is to be an effective solution for threat detection in places that have no screening methods and replace outdated metal detecting machines and wands.

In February 2022, Liberty Defense (LDDFF) received an order issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) addressing the rules governing the HEXWAVE™ system. This order permits the sale and marketing of this equipment. Getting past this important regulatory hurdle clears the path for final certification and commercialization.[49]

Beta Testing HEXWAVE in Multiple Verticals

Liberty Defense (LDDFF) has already entered into multiple collaboration agreements to beta test the HEXWAVE system.

Beta clients were hand-picked for diversification in different verticals. These include the University of Wisconsin, the Maryland Stadium Authority (where the Baltimore Orioles play), and a large religious organization outside of Atlanta with thousands of visitors.[50]

Other beta clients in the works include the Park City, Utah school district, the Virginia Capitol Police, and the Port of Tampa, Florida’s largest cruise port.[51]

In February 2022, Liberty Defense (LDDFF) signed an agreement with The Greater Toronto Airports Authority. This agreement is for a trial of the HEXWAVE walkthrough security detection portal at Toronto Pearson Airport, the largest airport in Canada.[52]

With the HEXWAVE located by airport doors, passengers can walk right through the scanner without stopping. They don’t need to remove their keys, cell phones, or other items in their pockets. This approach aligns with that desirable “layered defense strategy,” which makes it possible for security teams to detect threats at the perimeter of the property without obstructing the movement of large groups of people.[53]

Although Toronto Pearson will be the first airport to test out this AI-powered technology, it won’t be the only one.

Liberty Defense (LDDFF) is currently working with TSA to evaluate HEXWAVE’s potential use at a TSA-designated airport location.[54]

Liberty’s contract with TSA involves screening aviation workers going onto the airside of an airport. This is the portion of an airport between the boarding gates and the airspace, which includes access to planes and many restricted areas. The TSA wishes to expand its employee screening capabilities through its On-Person Screening Capability Program.

With an aggressive timeline, Liberty Defense (LDDFF) expects the HEXWAVE system to be available commercially in early 2023.[55]

Here’s another key point for investors to take note of…

In addition to the high product gross margin revenue generated by the sale of the HEXWAVE hardware itself, Liberty Defense (LDDFF) also projects a recurring annual revenue stream based on a high-margin, 5-year maintenance plan that includes software and AI updates.[56]

Obviously, no company wants their equipment to go down, so an extended maintenance and warranty plan makes sense over paying a more costly per-hour fee. Plus, with an evolving set of threats, add-on features, enhanced detection of new threat types, and upgrades are also possible and can be individualized for each customer.

Of course, any company is only as good as its team…

A Team of Experienced Professionals

Bill Frain, CEO and Director of Liberty Defense (LDDFF), has 25+ years of experience in the industry, and was previously Senior Vice President for L3 Security and Detection Systems, a globally successful business that generated $500M in annual revenue and was sold to Leidos for approximately $1 billion in cash.[57]

Mike Lanzaro, President and Chief Technology Officer, has over 30 years of experience, most recently as the former Vice President of Engineering and Technology at L3 Security & Detection Systems. Mike and his team at L3 were responsible for the design and deployment of the body scanners at US airports today and gained 100% market share.[58]

For context, L3 Security & Detection Systems became L3 Harris Technologies, a Fortune 500 company with a $45 billion market cap.[59]

To bring their technology to commercialization, Liberty Defense (LDDFF) has assembled a team of expert engineers who collectively have decades of experience in the aviation security and commercial security industry.

These are the top engineers responsible for designing, developing, and implementing products that go back to the security applications of the post-9/11 era.

They’ve worked on the technology that is now in the x-ray space for checked baggage applications, computer tomography technologies, trace technologies, and the familiar airport body scanner where you raise your arms during the screening process.

The team is responsible for approximately 95% market share when it comes to body scanners used in U.S. airports. They have also developed and designed $5 billion in security technology globally.

And as previously noted, this includes those who’ve worked at the very top – at the multi-billion-dollar tech security companies – professionals who understand this technology inside-out.

Two More Products in Development for Advanced Aviation Security

While the HEXWAVE system is their flagship product, Liberty Defense (LDDFF) has also acquired exclusive licenses for two additional innovative solutions to help provide next-generation technology for aviation security.

The first product is a High Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HD-AIT) millimeter-wave body scanner for upgrades or new deployments in airports.

The second product is an award-winning footwear screener. Both products are based on millimeter wave technology.[60]

The technology for these two additional products was initially developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.[61]

As a little background, PNNL developed the body scanning machines already in use for about 15 years at airports worldwide. These are the machines in which you have to hold your arms up above your head.

PNNL also came up with the shoe scanner technology while working on a high-definition body scanner that can better identify threats, while cutting down on false alarms requiring secondary screening. Liberty Defense (LDDFF) acquired the licensing rights to these technologies in April 2021.[62]

Here are more details regarding these two cutting-edge solutions currently in development…

Next Generation Body Scanning Technology

Liberty Defense (LDDFF) sees the potential for HD-AIT to improve on existing market solutions in several ways. 

This next-generation, high-resolution imaging system improves the scanning penetration level to detect concealed threats beneath clothing. What’s more, it does so without requiring passengers to lift their arms over their heads.[63]

Today, there are 1,000+ body scanners – in U.S. airports alone.[64]

With regard to these machines, TSA wants to trial HEXWAVE for its detection capability, lower the false alarm rate, and improve the imaging and overall passenger experience. And to do that, equipment must be upgraded.

Liberty Defense (LDDFF) is currently working on an upgrade kit which would update ALL the body scanners at U.S. airports. And of course, there is the future potential to perform these upgrades on scanning machines globally.*

Upgrades consist of a much wider frequency band for better imagery, resulting in advanced levels of detection performance. They also replace the masts that swing around in the unit, along with the electronics. Basically, everything inside the machines you see at airports today would be upgraded.

What’s more, upgrades could be completed in just several hours, in such a way that airports don’t have to reconfigure their checkpoint or move equipment around. Since this would be very costly and cumbersome to do, a better solution is to upgrade the systems internally while in place. 
* Deal with TSA is not completed as of this writing

New, Award-Winning Shoe Screening Technology

Remember that terrorist who attempted to detonate explosives hidden in his sweaty sneakers? Well, that led to removing shoes at the TSA checkpoint – one of the most inconvenient rituals of flying.

But Liberty Defense (LDDFF) is currently developing footwear scanning technology that could avoid shoe removal and could be able to help passengers get to their gates faster by accelerating the screening process flow.[65] In fact, adding the shoe scanner could speed up the screening process by 15-20%.[66]

Here’s how it would work…

Passengers pause for about two seconds on a low platform, where electromagnetic waves generate an image of the bottom of their shoes. This allows screeners to detect whether there’s a hidden object that could constitute a threat.[67]

In practice, you could be be standing on the shoe screener when you’re in front of an agent handing them your ID. Or it could be built into body scanners. If your scan is clean, you just keep moving without taking off your shoes.[68]

This millimeter-wave shoe screening technology was awarded the 2022 Interagency Partnership Award from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC). The annual FLC awards are considered to be among the top honors in the technology transfer field.[69]

“The shoe screening technology, paired with the High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology body scanner, also licensed to Liberty, will revolutionize screening at aviation checkpoints.”
– Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense

So, how soon will all this technology be available?

Liberty Defense (LDDFF) projects that the HEXWAVE launch will occur around the beginning of 2023. The HD-AIT upgrade kits should follow in 2024, and the shoe screener technology is expected to hit full commercialization soon thereafter.

So, as you can see, they’ve got an aggressive timeline for the development of these technologies and release to the market!

These advanced technologies have already started to generate a lot of media coverage for Liberty Defense (LDDFF) about their products and the future of checkpoint security at airports and other locations. 

This is all good news – especially considering their currently less-than-$1-per-share stock price as of January 2023!

As an investor, I believe that the next-generation security detection company, Liberty Defense (LDDFF), is well worth your consideration, and here’s a quick recap why …

9 Reasons Why Liberty Defense (LDDFF) Could Be One of the Best Plays in the Security Industry in 2023*

Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity to be a Potential Winner in the National Security World With Liberty Defense (LDDFF)*

If you want to be among the early-bird investors in this next-gen international security upgrade, then I suggest you do two things…

First, go to www.libertydefense.com/subscribe/ and sign up for investor information, news, and updates. On the website, you’ll find a wealth of information on this growing market in enhanced security threat solutions.

Then show this report to your investment advisor or broker right away.*

Of course, always be wise in your investments, especially with microcaps. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. And don’t chase losses. That means if the prices slide, you must resist all temptation to “average down.”

Plus, to minimize risk, any investment you may make in Liberty Defense (LDDFF) should be part of a diversified portfolio.

But with all the green flags, contracts in place, strong backing from the very top of government – and their stock sitting below $1 per share – I believe my analysis of the potentially huge reward of Liberty Defense (LDDFF) is a solid one.*

To Success in Your Investments,

– Bryan Perry

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