The Robots Are Coming! 7 Stocks To Buy Before They Boom


Automation goes to the next level with these hot stocks

  • Advanced robotics technologies make these stocks to buy intriguing.
  • Trimble (TRMB): Trimble brings automation to various industrial applications.
  • Alphabet (GOOGGOOGL): Alphabet has some intriguing Other Bets.
  • ABB (ABB): ABB delivers automated solutions to multiple industries.
  • Rockwell Automation (ROK): Rockwell drives innovations in disparate sectors.
  • Intuitive Surgical (ISRG): Intuitive enjoys a staggeringly relevant market.
  • Fanuc (FANUY): Fanuc offers an underappreciated idea for contrarians.
  • Knightscope (KSCP): Knightscope delivers much-needed solutions to security.

Although the current volatility in the market opened doors for contrarian speculation, investors may be better served targeting their stocks to buy in the robotics space. According to, just the industrial robotics segment may reach a valuation of $30.8 billion by 2027. If so, this would represent a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3% from the 2022 projection.

Further, robotics stocks to buy doesn’t always have to involve massive machinery in the factory production line. For example, in 2021, the global medical robotic systems market size hit around $16.1 billion. Experts project that by 2030, this subsector will generate revenue of $76.4 billion. Therefore, it might pay to get involved early. Below are the stocks to buy as robots begin taking over.

TRMB Trimble $52.40
GOOG GOOGL Alphabet $91.25
ABB ABB Ltd. $30.57
ROK Rockwell Automation $257.96
ISRG Intuitive Surgical $271.49
FANUY Fanuc $14.83
KSCP Knightscope $1.53

Trimble (TRMB)

Based in Westminster, Colorado, Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) is a software, hardware and services technology company. Per its public profile, Trimble supports global industries in building & construction, agriculture, geospatial, natural resources and utilities, governments, transportation and other sectors. Though the company commands myriad relevancies, Wall Street has been rough on TRMB. On a year-to-date basis, shares tumbled over 36%.

Regarding the theme of stocks to buy for robotics technology, Trimble has a joint venture with Boston Dynamics. Together, the two enterprises developed Spot the Robot. Per Trimble’s website, this innovation “facilitates autonomous operation on construction sites and takes advantage of the Spot robot’s unique capabilities to navigate challenging, dynamic, and potentially unsafe environments.”

According to’s proprietary calculations for fair market value (FMV), Trimble rates as a modestly undervalued investment. Moreover, the company enjoys strong profitability margins. In particular, Trimble’s net margin stands at 12.8%, ranking better than 82% of the competition. Therefore, if robots are your thing, TRMB may be worth consideration for stocks to buy.

Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL)

The tech powerhouse located in Mountain View, California, Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) owns the Google juggernaut. While the enterprise’ bread and butter centers on its dominance of all things internet, it also ventures into other not-directly related segments. One of them is robot technology and it’s truly fascinating stuff. For instance, the company developed automated solutions that can conduct everyday tasks, such as cleaning tables.

To be fair, activist investors have targeted Alphabet, criticizing the organization for focusing too much on its Other Bets segment. Instead, concerned financial backers want the Google parent to target businesses that generate income. Given the rough circumstances we’re in, it’s difficult not to sympathize with such exhortations.

At the same time, by not investing in Other Bets (such as robotics technology), Alphabet can find itself behind regarding the industries of tomorrow. That’s just not management’s style. Therefore, if you believe in the robotics angle, GOOG/GOOGL could be an interesting idea for contrarian stocks to buy.


Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB (NYSE:ABB) specializes in robotics and automation technologies. Per its website, ABB’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. Currently, it severs myriad industries, including automotive, building and infrastructure, hydrocarbons, chemicals, food and beverage and many more.

Despite its vast footprint, market pressures weighed on ABB. Since the January opener, shares gave up more than 13% of equity value. At the same time, it’s picking up near-term momentum. In the trailing five days, ABB gained over 3%. And over the past half-year period, shares returned in excess of 19%.

Financially, the company brings some positive attributes to the table. Right now, the market prices ABB at 15.7-times trailing-12-month earnings. In contrast, the sector median is 20.3 times. Also, ABB commands a return on equity of 29.5%, implying strong ability to convert equity financing to profits.

Rockwell Automation (ROK)

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rockwell Automation (NYSE:ROK) provides industrial automation whose brands include Allen-Bradley, FactoryTalk software and LifecycleIQ Services. Its operational footprint covers myriad applications, including advanced manufacturing, industrial networks, lifecycle services and even cybersecurity. Thus, on paper, ROK makes for one of the best robotics stocks to buy.

However, Wall Street doesn’t quite see it that way. Since the beginning of this year, ROK dropped 20% of equity value. Nevertheless, it’s important for prospective investors not to forget nearer-term momentum. In the trailing month, shares gained 1.6%. And in the trailing half-year period, ROK shot up almost 36%.

According to’s proprietary calculations for FMV, ROK features a fairly valued investment profile. Some of its positives include a three-year book growth rate of 89.2%, beating out over 98% of the competition. As well, its net margin stands at 12%, better than almost 80% of its rivals.

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG)

One of the more intriguing names among stocks to buy as robots take over the future, Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) develops, manufactures, and markets robotic products designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients through minimally invasive surgery, most notably with the da Vinci Surgical System.

According to Grand View Research, the global market for minimally invasive surgical instruments will reach a valuation of $28.81 billion by the end of this year. Further, experts project that revenue for the segment will hit $60.65 billion by 2030. Therefore, Intuitive Surgical is well positioned for exceptional relevance.

For contrarians, the compelling nature of ISRG centers on its red ink. Since the January opener, shares dropped nearly 22% of equity value. However, the market appears to have caught onto the opportunity. In the trailing month, ISRG gained nearly 9%. And in the trailing half-year period, ISRG popped up over 47%. Combined with the company’s zero-debt profile, ISRG ranks among the stocks to buy as robots dominate the medical space.

Fanuc (FANUY)

Based in Japan, Fanuc (OTCMKTS:FANUY) may be traded over the counter. However, don’t let that fool you as it’s one of the biggest names among stocks to buy for a robotic future. First, the company commands a market capitalization of 4.24 trillion yen (about the equivalent of $31.3 billion using the at-time-of-writing exchange rate).

Second, carries significant relevance for anyone interested in robots as an investment vehicle. Per its website, Fanuc is the world’s leading supplier of automation for manufacturing including robotics, CNCs [computerized numerical controls] and motion control.

Fundamentally, Fanuc deserves consideration as one of the robotics stocks to buy because of the implications regarding the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Per Precedence Research, industrial IoT reached a market size of $326.1 billion last year. However, by 2030, experts project that the segment could command a valuation of $1.74 trillion.

Enticingly, not too many folks in the market believe in Fanuc. Shares slipped nearly 28% since the start of the year. However, this dynamic might spell opportunity for the contrarian.

Knightscope (KSCP)

While the riskiest name on this list for stocks to buy in anticipation of robots taking over society, Knightscope (NASDAQ:KSCP) actually lives up to this billing quite literally. Billed as a security camera and robotics firm, Knightscope specializes in the manufacturing and deployment of autonomous data robots. This security force monitors people in malls, parking lots, neighborhoods and other public areas.

To understand Knightscope’s wider implications, think about film franchises like Robocop. Aside from the gratuitous depictions of wanton violence, that’s pretty much what Knightscope robots do: use self-driving technology to monitor public places, reporting security concerns to law enforcement officers if necessary.

While I don’t want to dive into the granularity, it’s safe to say that socially, America stands on delicate ground. By utilizing robots as the first point of contact regarding security protocols, Knightscope can help mitigate social tensions.

Though incredibly intriguing, the problem is that KSCP is also incredibly risky. Since the start of the year, shares plunged 72%. Therefore, you must think carefully before pulling the trigger.

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