Nowhere To Hide, Might As Well Get Paid To Wait

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We looked everywhere and around every correlation corner we could think of, desperately trying to find an investment safe place. But there is no place to hide, nothing is doing well. If investors aren’t careful, they could lose more money than Alex Jones.

Going short is risky business as are futures; so, more cautious investors might think about loading up on cash. More aggressive investors might consider inverse ETFs that go up when prices go down. Another idea is to find blue-chip companies with above-average dividend yields and build positions while the payouts are high.

3M Company (MMM) is a Dividend Aristocrat, which is a company that raised its dividend for at least the last quarter of a century. (1) MMM pays a dividend of $5.96 per share annually (5.48% yield), as of this keystroke.

3M’s stock chart suggests there could be some stiff support around $100 as the diversified conglomerate isn’t trading too far from its Covid Crash low. If/when MMM goes below triple digits, it’s a down escalator from there. That’s why only long-term investors need apply with the intention of dollar-cost averaging into weakness, i.e., building a position where you can collect a decent dividend while waiting for the market to recover.

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